Group Private Lessons

Need to advance your basketball skills?
Our designed training program helps to improve player’s individual skills as well as their overall confidence on and off the court. Our coaches mix in basic fundamental drills, ball-handling exercises and advanced individual moves to target the elite basketball player. Defensive and offensive exercises, shooting techniques and the overall player development will all be covered in a small group setting as well.

The athletes work individually or in a group setting on different drills and individually exercises to challenge one another. The small group setting allows for competitive situations to arise as well as great teaching situations to help each player.  

-There is a minimum of 3 athletes and a maximum of 10 athletes per session.
-All lessons last for 1 hour
- Each class offered is age and skill appropriate. Lesson plans will be changed depending on the amount of athletes in each class and the overall skill level of the group.
-If an athlete’s skill level is much higher than the others in a certain class we will ask for the athlete to move to an older age group.
- Players must wear basketball shoes and athletic clothing.September 12-November 30

Individual Private Lessons

If you are wanting your athlete to work privately in a 1 on 1 setting to focus on a specific part of their game or just like the 1 on 1 setting, this program is for you. One of our Synergy Basketball coaches can work with you and your athlete to figure out what areas need to be focused on as well as bringing in our already designed lesson plans.

For more information regarding Basketball Lessons contact Synergy Sports