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There are several options availabel at this time. Please email Anne Sievers to set up.

Speed Agility Fitness Training (SAFT) is a strength and conditioning program for kids 4th grade and up of all athletic abilities. We strive to build a solid athletic foundation to be applied in all sports utilizing all aspects of fitness training. We want to develop a strong and healthy athlete who builds a life long love for fitness.


These are the 4 areas of focus for this program.

SAFT Speed & Performance Training Program is designed to teach techniques and mechanics of speed. We focus on linear and multi-directional movements, explosive power, speed work and bodyweight strength exercises. Proper technique is always the number one priority for maximized potential as well as injury prevention. Depending on the sport, different exercises will be used to help participants develop into a complete athlete. Jumping, running, strength, balance and core movements will help to grow a good athlete into a premier athlete.

Advanced SAFT is our Training Program for athletes wanting to continue to develop their speed, strength, balance and stamina. We continue to focus on multi-directional movements-- gaining and increasing power and speed through strength and bodyweight exercises. Training is sport-specific and built around core strength, bodyweight exercises, directional skill development, and energy system development-- all along with speed and agility training. We will use agility ladders, reaction belts, resistance bands, resistance chutes, power resistance belts, medicine balls, boxes, TRX straps and some weights to accomplish your athletes goal of becoming the best in their sport.

These groups designed for up to 20 people and sessions are 45 to 60 minutes depending on the ages of the athletes. 

Synergy FC, Synergy Basketball Club and Synergy Volleyball Club incorporate SAFT during their seasons, but the program is open to all kids all year.