Synergy Sports Camps are designed to be non-stop, sports specific camps that will focus on advancing all levels of athletes who participate. Synergy Sports Camps are designed to teach the beginning and intermedaite athletes a majority of the techniques needed to play competitive sports. Each camp will challange the athletes through various drills and exercises, along with small-sided games and live scrimmages. All Athletes All Levels. 

Camp list: (More Information Below)
Soccer Camp
July 1-3
July 15-19

Basketball Camp
July 1-3
July 15-19
July 22-27

Volleyball Camp

Fintess Camp
May 29-31
July 23-25


Players of all ages and ability levels will improve their overall skills, work hard on ball techniques and will walk away with the tools needed to improve their overall game on the field. Players will focus on ball control, improve their dribbling, gain confidence in shooting, accuracy of their passing and get a large number of touches through a variety of drills and small-sided games.  Players will also gain balance and coordination as well as strength and foot skills through SAFT training. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt. 

July 1-3: Synergy Sports Soccer Camp (RBHS)
July 15-19: Columbia Select Soccer Camp (RBHS)



Synergy Sports Basketball Camp offers an opportunity for all athletes, regardless of age or ability level, to participate in an exciting week of basketball training and will learn or improve their fundamental basketball skill sets along with their passion for the sport. Our camp covers all aspects of the game: ball handling, shooting form, dribbling, footwork, defensive fundamentals, passing and other skills are all emphasized including speed and agility work (SAFT). Scrimmages and games will be used all week to teach players various aspects of the game. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt

July 1-3: Synergy Sports Baskteball Camp co-ed (RBHS)
July 15-19: Columbia Advanced Boys Camp (CFS)
July 22-26: Columbia Advanced Girls Camp (CFS)


Synergy Sports Volleyball Camp is an all-skills camp that will challenge, motivate and develop all our athletes at all skill levels. Players will either learn or develop fundamental skills including serving, passing, setting and hitting. Players will have the opportunity to encompass all the skills they will learn or improve upon in games situations each day learning the importance of movement and team play. Camp will be divided into 2 age brackets to allow for the equipment to be age appropriate (net height, ball weight, etc.). This is a fun way to either learn the sport or continue to grow as a skilled volleyball player. Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt.

Dates TBA


New this summer - Synergy Fitness Camp. Fitness Camp will be a great training opportunity for athletes to increase their balance, speed, power, and footwork. Our goal is to help every athlete with body control, overall strength and quickness. We will be using ladders, sleds, TRX straps, kettlebells, hurdles, medicine balls, bands, and the vertimax. All campers will learn the proper techniques when running through various drills and exercises throughout the day. 
Our goal for the campers is too:
Learn how the Core relates to all exercises
Improving overall strength, balance, stability and cardiovascular endurance
Build confidence and self esteem
Provide a fun and safe atmosphere for children to exercise

June 24-26-28: Speed Prep Camp (Synergy South)
July 8-10-12: Speed Prep Camp (Synergy South)
July 23-25: Advanced Fitness Camp (Synergy South)
August 5-7-9: Speed Prep Camp (Synergy South)
August 5-7-9: Advanced Fitness Camp (Synergy South)



Bag to keep all their belongings
Lunch and Drinks
2 or more snacks
Wear gym clothes
Basketball Shoes or Tennis Shoes (Basketball Camp Only)
Soccer Shoes: Soccer Flats or Tennis shoes (Indoor Use) and Soccer Cleats (Outdoor use)
Tennis Shoes (Volleyball Camp Only)
Water Bottle


Our Synergy Sports staff is full of energy and enthusiasm ready to participate in all our games and activities with the campers everyday. Each counselor is selected based on their skill set in working with our campers. They are all positive role models for your children so parents can rest assured you are leaving them in excellent hands while they are in our care.